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** Below feedback are collected from various channels and websites in which Flexistay Services have advertised & associated with **


< Feedback received from Nov 2013 onwards >

# Date Notes Origin
01 2013-11-05 FlexiStay Services policy in filtering all potential tenants application make me feel special & safe thus I do noticed my roomates and housemates are friendly, good behavior & clean. I am so glad they DON’T just accept any applicant from people who simply want to rent their room. Angela from Sarawak, Malaysia
02 2013-11-17 My suggestion for their improvement are being taken action by FlexiStay Services Team within 2-3 days. They are really responsible & friendly team. Lily from Ipoh, Malaysia
03 2013-11-24 Speedy & Professional services from FlexiStay Services Team. All the correspondence are very clear and the legal documents e.g rental contract & etc are very well prepared, detailed and able to protect both landlord and tenants. Hon from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
04 2013-11-27 Room & Home provided by FlexiStay are very clean and fully furnished with all quality facilities. Save my time to do shopping. Masi from Iran
05 2013-12-06 Excellent & Clear Communication in replying to my enquiries. Room furnitures are new. Many automatical stuffs such as electrical remote fan with light.. very professional. John, 6 months contract Rent A Room tenant from Vietnam
06 2013-12-14 Excellent Speed & Confirm my application to stay in within 1-2 days time. Hatimah from Perak, Malaysia
07 2013-12-20 FlexiStay Services are very professional & fair in handling with my feedback toward other tenants other than keeping my name Private & Confidental. Hakim from Kuantan, Malaysia


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