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Credit / Debit Card Payment through PayPal

Click PAY NOW button to proceed with the payment


  • 5% merchant charges applied through this payment option.
  • Pay through the "Pay Now" button on this page OR via your own paypal account to payment@flexistay.my
  • General Step by Step Instruction on how to make the payment using Paypal Website <PDF / Web Page>
  • fill in the amount quoted by our sales team OR payee to manually add the 5% surcharge



The following explain in brief why we use & recommend PayPal as one and the only payment gateway for credit card / debit card


  1. PayPal is the most popular online payment service in use today and is one of the largest online payment processors in the world.
  2. PayPal encrypts your sensitive financial information so the only person who can see it is you.
  3. When you sign up for PayPal, PayPal ask you to link your bank account, debit card, or credit card so that your payments can be funded. This information is never shared with retailers. In fact, it's securely protected by data encryption technology, reducing the risk of online fraud and identity theft.
  4. Your PayPal account is protected by the latest anti-fraud technology and a dedicated team of specialists working round-the-clock against the bad guys. PayPal constantly monitor PayPal transactions for suspicious activity and alert their customers as soon as a problem is detected. 
  5. Online Resources Explain more about PayPal:
    a) What/Who/How is Paypal
    b) How PayPal Works
    c) PayPal or Credit Card—Which is Safer?
    d) 7 Advantages to Using PayPal to Buy Online


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