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Add-on services - Astro Channels

  1. The Astro add-on services can be requested 7 days prior to check in.
  2. The rental charges is RM 20 (per week) or RM 50 (per month).
  3. The RM 300 refundable deposit (damage, lost or stolen for Astro decoder and smart card) is require prior to check in or before the Astro decoded unit is install. Deposit will be refunded to guest(s) nominated bank account within 7 working days after check-out.
  4. The Astro Channels are limited only to the following channels:


Important: The channels on Astro services will usually get disrupted during bad weather, e.g. heavy rain and cloudy day. Images and info copied from Astro website

Njoi TV Channels

Njoi Radio Channels


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